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Burk Playing Basketball

Burkley (Burk) McKay Hansen (2001-2015)

The original founder and forever honorary president of the Play For Burk Foundation, Inc. left an impactful legacy during his short life that has inspired many including the establishment of his foundation.

Burk was a natural athlete, an active member in his Boy Scout troop, a leader in his church youth group and would make sure all were included at social events and activities.  He was born in Utah, but also lived in Katy, TX, Eagle Mountain, UT and Bartlesville, OK.

Burk’s final journal entry is a driver behind the focus of this organization and ended with the words, “Focus on other people.  SERVICE”.  With SERVICE written in all capital letters, it represents the importance he placed on helping others and putting them before himself. From his friendly and unique smile, known as the “Burk Smirk” he welcomed all and was loved by his family, friends and made a significant impact on those with whom he came into contact with.

Burk’s life was tragically taken in an ATV accident on Easter weekend, April 4, 2015. Burk reminds us that while certain lives may be limited in duration, the impact an individual can make in the world is limitless. Certainly Burk’s legacy is one that surpasses his years upon the earth and his influence and example is continuing on in the hearts of those he influenced for good.

Clint  Clinton Hansen

Clinton is the father of Burk and is the founder of the foundation.  He was born in Southeast Idaho and raised in Flagstaff, AZ in a blended family of 10 children!  He and his family lived for 4 years in Katy, Texas before his job took him to Eagle Mountain, UT and then to Bartlesville, OK.  He is an Eagle Scout and served  2 year mission for his church in Rosario, Argentina where he became fluent in Spanish and learned to love the people he taught.  After his return, he met and married his wife, Tamara (Tami), in St. George, UT while they both attended Dixie State College.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Utah Valley University. He has worked for Phillips 66 since 2002.

As a volunteer, he has served in various capacities including many positions of trust in his church including his current assignment of Bishop of his local ward, Special Olympics Grand Area Finance Chair from 2012 to present, a leader in various Boy Scout troops, and the coach of various sports teams for his children.

He has lived in Bartesville since 2010 along with his wife and other children Nate, Mikah, Elayna, and Ethan.

tyler-vaclaw  Tyler Vaclaw

A 4th generation family member of Bartlesville OK, Tyler has been active professionally and personally in the community for over 17 years.  Currently he serves as an Account Manager with L&T Infotech, in connection with Phillips 66, Tyler manages over 60 employees and contractors in the IT area. Tyler received his Bachelors in Science from Utah Valley University, emphasizing in Accounting. Before L&T Infotech, Tyler worked in the Commercial, Financing market for 15 years primarily as a Vice President of Commercial Lending for area Banks/Credit Unions.  He and his family have loved in various places including Houston, TX and Bartlesville, OK.

As a volunteer, he has served in many capacities throughout Bartlesville:

Bartlesville Daybreak Rotary Board Member- 1998-2008
Fantasy Land of Lights Board Member- 1999-2006
Bluestem Girl Scout Council Board Member- 2005-2006
Woolaroc Foundation Fundraising Committee- 2005-2011
Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce/Leadership Bartlesville Chair- 2005-2012
Bruin Youth QB Club Board Member- 2006-Present
Bartlesville Public School Board of Education Member- 2008-2010, 2015-Present
Friends of Frank Phillips Home Vice President- 2010-present
Building Bridges of Oklahoma Board Member- 2014-Present
Bartlesville Redevelopment Trust Authority Board Member- 2015-Present
Youth Coach- Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track&Field
President of his Church Elder’s Group

Personally, Tyler’s favorite accomplishment has been his family. He has been (happily) married to Amanda Eve for 17 years and they have 4 wonderful children; Katie (14), Logan (12), Evie (9) and Jake (6)

JeremyPryorPhoto  Jeremy Pryor

A youth leader for Burk at the time that he passed away, he saw how Burk stood out as a quiet ‘set the example’ leader and an extra kind, loving and selfless person.  “Burk was the same great person no matter who was watching or not.  That is an honest look into one’s true character, to treat others right and do the right thing, even when others are not watching,” says Pryor.  Jeremy feels that Burk’s example has helped him to want to be a better person and to concentrate more on serving other people.

Born the first of 4 children in Lincoln, Nebraska, Jeremy made a personal mission statement when he was 16 years old, which states: “To be of assistance in helping individuals to better their lives.”  While Pryor admits this is a broad statement, he considers it a life-long mission to attempt to fight off selfishness and to put others before himself.

With ancestors and current family members who have participated and continue to participate in many service organizations that help in many causes.  Jeremy sees his role in the foundation as an opportunity to pay forward Burk’s legacy and in addition to follow in his family’s footsteps in being of service to those around him.  He has lived in various places with his family including Nebraska, Bartlesville, OK and he has lived in Katy, TX for the last 2 years.

Jeremy and his wife Carrie are the parents of 6 children, most of which were acquaintances with Burk.  He works for ConocoPhillips Information Technology department as an Analytics and Data Architecture Consultant.  He is an Eagle Scout and has served in various service oriented capacities such as a youth coach in various sports and especially loves coaching basketball and football.  He has been a leader in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and has served in various leadership capacities within his church.  He and his family have greatly enjoyed the quality of life they have found in Bartlesville since 2012.

Randy Randy John

Randy was born and raised in Bartlesville.  He grew up playing any sport he could get his hands on along with being involved in Boys Scouts – achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  Randy graduated from Bartlesville High School in 1996.  He then left to serve a 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Philippines where he learned to speak the Tagalog language fluently.  Randy graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University in 2001 with a degree in Business Administration.  He has worked at ConocoPhillips for more than 13 years where he currenlty resides in the Katy, TX area with his family.

Randy is most grateful for his family.  He married his high school sweetheart in 1999.  Randy and Shallan have 4 kids – Avery, Austin, Addison, and Ashton who love to play sports, be involved in church activities, and serve the community along with their dad.

He has been involved with volunteering in the community since the day he started at ConocoPhillips – taking lead on a golf event that started from nothing and would eventually grow into a 4-day, $500,000 per year net to the Bartlesville Regional United Way.  Over the years the tournament has netted over $1.5MM.  Besides the golf tournament, Randy has served on the School Board, lead the Adams Golf Course Operating Committee, served on the WCYBS board, served on the WCSC board, along with putting on golf tournaments for the Quarterback Club, ARC Fore n Score, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Randy wants to live his life as he knew Burk would have – working hard, playing hard, and serving even harder – serving the Lord by reaching out to others in need of a helping hand.