2. CLICK HERE TO HELP US PLANT ON Saturday, October 13, 2018


We want to beautify Bartlesville! We want to partner with local citizens (youth and adults) to come together each Fall to plant thousands of Daffodils in the Bartlesville area. While beautifying we will raise money to support the causes of the PlayForBurk Foundation in promoting service, faith, personal development, and recreational opportunities for local youth.
This flower is planted in the Fall, grows in the Spring, and has a very short life span (only a few weeks). Burk was born in the Fall, passed away in the Spring, and lived a very short life. This flower is perfect a representation of Burk’s life. They are said to symbolize Creativity, Inspiration, Forgiveness, Memory, Renewal, Vitality, and Inspiration.  This is a good opportunity to plant flowers in honor of someone special in your life that has passed away.
We will partner with local groups to plant the flowers on October 13, 2018. Each group will be assigned a designated area to plant. This will include schools, churches, city property, and other approved locations. Our goal for fall 2018 is to plant 10,000 bulbs! You can also choose to order bulbs and pick them up to plant at your own home!  All proceeds from this project will be used to support youth related causes in our community.
For questions about the project or how to get involved in helping to plant the flowers on the designated day in the Fall, send an email to Clint Hansen at [email protected]

Please fill out the form below to indicate where you want us to plant the daffodils you are sponsoring.  If you want to plant the flowers on your own, you can pick them up at Madison Middle School on October 13 between 9:00 am – noon.  Once you submit the form you will be directed to a page with various payment options.

If you want to download a paper copy of the form use the links below: