Our Mission:

 “Partner with youth in our communities to promote service, faith, personal development, and recreational opportunities for the betterment of themselves and their community.”


The PlayForBurk Foundation was created as a 501c3 entity to carry on the legacy of Burk Hansen after he passed away in 2015 at age 13 due to an accident.  Even at his young age, he had a solid set of values he used to guide his life.   The founders have a passion for helping youth develop and succeed, and it was decided to create a foundation to carry on Burk’s memory, and also partner with youth to promote values that will help them become productive citizens.

The mission statement for the foundation reflects the four areas of life most important to Burk.  It reads: “Partner with youth in our communities to promote servicefaithpersonal development, and recreational opportunities for the betterment of themselves and their community.”

We will seek out ways to support the youth of our community and others where we have lived.  We will work with established organizations to support the great work they are already doing, as well as create new opportunities.  We will not limit ourselves to the activities below and will constantly seek other ways to support the development of the local youth.  Below is a list of some of the ways we plan to use the money:

  • Scholarships (for college and other academic pursuits)
  • Annual youth leadership conference in Bartlesville
  • Annual Burk Hansen service award at Madison (where he attended middle school)
  • Summer mission trip scholarships for local youth
  • Playground, technology, or other needed equipment for local schools
  • Support local organizations that support youth (YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Mutual Girls Club, etc.)
  • Community improvement projects
  • Sponsorship of sports teams

We decided to partner with local youth to promote activities in these areas.  We will seek to guide them in serving others and their community; encourage them to adhere their faith; challenge them to develop themselves through setting high goals and standards, pursuing higher education, and serving in positions in their community; and encouraging them to pursue healthy recreational opportunities.

Answer: It is our goal for all funds raised to go directly to support youth and the programs to support them.  As a result, all adult and youth members of the foundation are strictly volunteer and do not receive any monetary gain for their assistance with the programs and events in which the foundation sponsors.

The foundation firmly believes that service and volunteerism provides its’ own inherent benefits.  While the foundation may provide scholarships for exemplary youth who have displayed their dedication to volunteering and service, individuals who participate and volunteer as part of the foundation seek for character building experiences and benefits which are far greater than those that can be attained through any monetary means.